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Prescott Web Design: Bing Results

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Written by Peter Visser

Slowly, but surely I am moving up the rankings for certain keywords. One of the ones I am targeting is Prescott web design. I always focus on Google search rankings, because it has over 80% of the market. Bing tends to only get users who accidentally use it, because of an internet explorer default. That is just my bias opinion though.

Anyways… I checked this morning and I am ranking in the top of Bing for both Prescott web design AND Prescott website design. Check these screenshots out.

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Pretty cool isn’t it? Let’s see if it brings any business. Cumulatively there are only about 50 searches per month on these two keywords in Google, therefore I have to assume that only about 5-10 people a month will be searching it in Bing.

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