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The Simple 3 Step Website Plan To Boost Online Inquiries By 403%

Written by Peter Visser

Even if you hate working on your website…

Dear dentist,

Or chiropractor,

Or home builder,

Or… anyone who has a website and wants to triple the amount of income they generate from it WITHOUT increasing traffic.

It all hinges on 3 simple steps. And they really are incredibly simple.

When I created my first ever website back in 2007 I had no idea what I was doing. That put me in the same boat as most other small business owners.

I had a website and it was like the Godfather III – lots of hype, but no sales.

I drove mountains of traffic to it, but nothing happened.

Fast forward about 2 years and I was generating leads and closing sales like gangbusters.

All because I used a simple 3 step formula and ignored all the ‘experts’ out there who wanted a complicated labyrinth of ‘mini transactions’ and email communications.

And it really works.

Check out this little screenshot of a yelp review I got after flipping the switch on a client’s website:


For another business I flipped the switch and the number of inquiries shot up from 1 per day to 7 per day.

I have more details on that in this free report.

Step #1: 2-second credibility and giving what they want.

As soon as someone lands on your website you need to create instant credibility. Or more accurately, you need to seem credible within 2 seconds, otherwise you have lost their business.

I know – these internet folk have very short attention spans.

Basically, when you land on a website you judge that business by the way it looks, how it presents itself, and 23 other things.

For example: if your website is not full width, then it has to have a very specific design. Otherwise it loses credibility.

Here’s another one. If you don’t use the right amount of white space on your website, then it also loses credibility.

Isn’t that crazy? Something that simple causes someone to leave for your competitor. It is a tough world.

Just being credible by itself will improve your website’s performance, but it isn’t a service winner. Unfortunately it is a service qualifier.

i.e. someone will decide NOT to do business with you, because your website doesn’t induce credibility. However, if you have a credible website it means that they will consider you –and that’s it.

It doesn’t mean floods of inquiries coming through the door.

That’s why, once you hit them with credibility, you have to hit them with something they want to see right away.

Here’s what I mean.

Pretend you are a consumer and you want to find a dentist. Lo and behold you come across two dental websites.

The first website says:

“Dr. Dentist has been in business for 14 years and he believes in patient care. You won’t find a better dentist anywhere.”

The second website says:

“I want you to have teeth like this. Click here to see before and after pictures.”

Which one do you think will win?

Although the first one has a cute story it loses out big time. In fact, the second website is going to generate 7 times the number of inquiries.


Because it talks about the visitor. No one cares about you or your business. People only care about themselves until they become your customer – and even then its touch and go.

Stop talking about yourself and start talking about your visitors and what you can do for them.

Someone who is looking for a dentist is going to want to find out what you can do for them.

And that doesn’t mean telling them they can get dermal fillers.

That means showing them horrible teeth that you turned into gorgeous teeth.

The same goes for every single business under the sun. Find out what your visitors want to see, and then give it to them on a silver platter.

If you are a homebuilder, people want to see how good the homes are you build. And I have a pretty good example of that in this report.

Right, so that’s the first step, what are the other two?

They are actually in this PDF document which you can download for free. You don’t need to put in your email address or anything like that.

Just click on this link and read it.

Simple as that.

I have a couple of case studies in there with real results about what happened after we ‘flipped the switch’ and redesigned the client’s website.

So what do you think? Is your website up to the task?

About the author

Peter Visser

Peter has been in the online space since 2008 when he created his first online company. Since then he’s made all of his money online. As well as designing and implementing custom strategies for businesses, he is also an avid fan of any kind of beer.

  • Austin Kin

    When I was twelve years old in 1998, I created my first webpage. This is exactly the guide I needed at that time and even now. This is some really great advice and information.

    • Glad to hear it Austin. Let me know if you have any questions.

  • Brian Ski

    Awesome list. I need to apply all 3 steps to my business. #3 stands out as my weakness.

  • Ed Brach

    This is definitely what I am need of. I do any household repairs and add-ons and was told that a website would help my business to grow. I don’t get a lot of traffic and have not been getting enough work to survive. I know that if I could just get a little more traffic to my business’s website that I would have enough work to pay my bills.

    • We all want more traffic :-). But sometimes it isn’t worth it to spend more money on traffic when your website isn’t fully optimized.

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    • I’m glad you liked it Sha. Let me know how it goes.

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  • SGold

    This article is packed with good advice for the business owner/professional wanting to close sales through their website. I love the example of the dental options for website content showing how people only want to know what can be done for them. It’s so true.

    • It become painfully obvious once you see it doesn’t it? It took me 2 websites and more than a year of failing to stumble across it. I couldn’t believe that it would be this simple.

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  • Credibility is key for your visitors to trust your information.

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    There is lots of great information here that is essential for business owners. Many business owners will find success by following these simple steps.

  • Ana Beatriz

    Great tip! I’ve been working on rebuilding traffic to my website so this article is timely. You’re absolutely right that people judge businesses quickly just by how their sites looks. Thanks for the reminder; I’m going to work on the credibility of my site as soon as possible.

    • Great to hear Ana. Let me know how you get on. Don’t forget to download the free report there is a ton of information in there.

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    • It is always funny how ‘simple’ wins out over ‘complicated’ nearly every single time. People just don’t have the time or the patience to go through complicated web pages.

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    • Make sure you follow all three steps (the other two are in the report). Miss just one of them and it won’t work at all.

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    • Hi John. This article isn’t really about getting visitors it is more about the conversion rate of the website.

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